The ultimate guide to Cold War locations in Berlin


Jonny Whitlam has been a Berlin tour guide since 2010, and since then he’s been showing travellers from across the world the fascinating history of Berlin.

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We met via social media after I noticed his great videos describing well-known and lesser know 20th-century historical locations in Berlin.

We discussed doing an episode to help you see Cold War Berlin sites without needing a tour guide and this episode is the result. However, if you would like a personal tour check out Jonny’s tours on this link. Book your Berlin private tour experience now (

Jonny is keen to share his Berlin’s amazing history with everyone and he has put together The Ultimate Guide to Cold War Berlin which includes an amazing Google map of 75 Cold War sites in Berlin. Despite the name, this list is not exhaustive and we’d welcome suggestions for anything you think we may have missed!


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