31 – The Korean War in Britain

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Welcome to Episode 31 of Cold War Conversations.

We speak with Doctor Grace Huxford, author of the Korean War in Britain – Citizenship, Selfhood and Forgetting. Grace’s book  is available on this link with a 50% discount using discount code PODCAST before 16th Nov 2018.

The Korean War was known as the “forgotten war”, but it is key in understanding the early Cold War tensions and later repercussions that continue through to today.

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Now back to today’s episode.

The subjects we cover include the social impact of the Korean War within Britain, the UK view of the war, prisoners of war and brainwashing as well as protests against the war.

We welcome Dr Grace Huxford.


Korean War BBC documentary film

Korean War: Operation Big Switch POW Exchange

Fawlty Towers excerpt

The Nation – Start a War

Michael Caine talks about his Korean War experience



Audio interview with Andrew Condron – the only British POW to stay in Korea


Grace’s book – The Korean War in Britain – use discount code PODCAST before 16th Nov 2018. For 50% discount

National Service – Richard Vinen

Fight or Flight – Martin Thomas

22 stayed by Virginia Pasley

British Official History of the Korean War

Korea: The War before Vietnam Hardcover by Callum A. MacDonald

British Prisoners of the Korean War Hardcover by S P MacKenzie

Name, Rank, and Serial Number: Exploiting Korean War POWs at Home and Abroad by Charles S. Young

Thinking soldiers  – Grace’s treasured book


National Army Museum

Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

10 Famous Korean War Veterans

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Episode 9 – Cloak & Dagger in Prague

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Arno albumWelcome to Episode 9 of Cold War Conversations.

Mark Baker is an independent journalist and travel writer who’s lived in Central Europe for more than two decades.

I heartily recommend his travel website

www.markbakerprague.com which is an eclectic mix of stories about his adopted hometown of Prague and stories from when Central Europe was the “Eastern bloc” and he was a full-time journalist trying his best to cover it.

Mark tells an intriguing and compelling story and I urge you to listen right to the end. I hope you enjoy our chat and I welcome Mark Baker. (the drawing is by Stewart K Moore and is a representation of Mark’s Czechoslovak fixer during the 1980s)

Mark’s  blog is www.markbakerprague.com but https://markbakerprague.com/category/tales-from-the-past/ will take readers directly to the stories about the 1980s.


William Crisp – The ex Vietnam Vet who was Mark’s boss in Vienna and wrote spy stories

Under a Cruel Sky – Mark’s highly recommendable book from an author who survived Auschwitz and ended up marrying a Communist who was executed in the show trials.

Ivan Klima’s author page on Amazon:


Costa Gavras drama film about the Slansky trial “The Confession”

The HBO mini-series on Jan Palach

Youtube Czechoslovak pop songs from the 1960s and ‘70s:



Milada –  drama film of Milada Horáková, democratic pre-WW2 Czech politician first arrested and tried by the Nazis during the War and then the post-war Communist government for her refusal to cease her opposition activity and leave the country.

Episode 8 – Warsaw Pact Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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WP AFVs album

Welcome to Episode 8 of Cold War Conversations where we talk about the armoured fighting vehicles of the Warsaw Pact.

Russell Phillips has written several books on Warsaw Pact military equipment and our conversation is an interesting exchange covering  the evolution in design, tactics and the deployment of Warsaw Pact armoured forces should the Cold War have turned hot.

It also covers a slightly off topic conversation about saunas and swimming pools in Soviet submarines and Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

We welcome Russell Phillips


Warsaw Pact Treaty

Warsaw Pact Info

Sino-Soviet Split

Soviet armoured fighting vehicles

Sagger wire guided missile

Bovington Tank Museum

Kubinka Tank Museum

The Norfolk Tank Museum 

Stanislav Petrov

Contentious tank 

Valery Sablin – inspiration for the book/film “Hunt for the Red October”

Letters of last resort

Argentinian plan to attack Gibraltar during the Falklands War

Russell’s web site

Russell on Twitter @Rpbook


Red Storm Rising

Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw Pact
Book 1 of Weapons and Equipment of the Warsaw Pact

Combat Engineering Equipment of the Warsaw Pact
Book 2 of Weapons and Equipment of the Warsaw Pact


US Army educational video documenting the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of two famous Soviet tanks of the Cold War era, the T-64 and T-72.

Modern Russian tank submerging with snorkel – not Cold War but gives you the idea.

Tankfest 2015 featuring Cold War T72 tank  making smoke

The Hunt for the Red October – film trailer

Deutschland 83 series trailer 

Swimming pool inside a Soviet submarine

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes

Episode 6 – The 1953 East German Uprising with Dr Richard Millington

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TankWelcome you to episode 6 of Cold War Conversations where we talk to about the relatively little known Uprising of 1953 in East Germany.

A lot of focus is on the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it can be argued that the Uprising of 1953 sowed the seeds for the eventual demise of the GDR.

We chat with Dr Richard Millington who has studied the Uprising and shares with us some fascinating research including eyewitness accounts and details from the Stasi files of the period.


Pathe new footage of the Uprising

Footage of GDR uprising 1953. With interview by participant

2 Days of Hope – German TV Drama

Other Links

Erna Dorn “Leader” of the “Fascist Putsch” in Halle

Richard’s Twitter account @DDRonline

Richard’s 17th June 1953 Twitter project web site

8000 Ft Media


Wind of Change – The Scorpions

Leningrad – Billy Joel


State, Society and Memories of the Uprising of 17 June

Anatomy of a Dictatorship – Mary Fulbrook

The People State – Mary Fulbrook

DDR Handbook

Episode 3 – The Strange World of Football in East Germany with Craig McCracken

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East German Football

<Welcome to Episode 3 of Cold War Conversations where we hear about the strange world of football in East Germany and even if you are not interested in football it’s a fascinating chat.

Craig McCracken runs the website, Beyondthelastman.com, described as 20th century football writing and nostalgia in a skilled and cultured groove.

One of his areas of interest is football in the GDR and from our conversation you’ll realise he is a fount of knowledge from BSG Rotation Babelsberg to FC Hansa Rostock and all stops between.

We talk about the nefarious activities of Stasi Chief Erich Mielke and his favourite team, and we cover the only competitive game where the GDR played West Germany in the 1974 World Cup. Craig also describes a Stasi chase through the bazaars of Istanbul to stop player defections and a suspicious death of a former GDR player in West Germany.

I’m delighted to welcome Craig McCracken.


BFC Dynamo vs Locomotive Leipzig – dodgy penalty decision video (in German)

1974 World Cup – GDR anthem played by West German Navy

Jurgen Sparwasser scores the winning goal for the GDR at the 1974 World Cup

GDR last ever international match

The Life of Others – movie trailer

Goodbye Lenin – movie trailor

Text links

The Last Days of East German Football

East Germany’s last international match

FC Karl Marx Stadt – The most beautiful football strip ever! (according to Craig)

Harry Tisch – GDR Trade union leader and Hansa Rostock Supporter

Defection and murder of Lutz Eigendorf


Joy Division – Insight

John Foxx – Underpass

Simple Minds – The American

Ultravox – Mr X


Football State and Society Amazon US link            Amazon UK Link

The Ball is Round Amazon US Link             Amazon UK Link

Stasi  Amazon US link      Amazon UK link

(small affiliate fee from these book links helps pay for Podcast hosting charges)

Episode 7 – Interview with Stasi Child Author David Young

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Stasi Child Interview Final
In Episode 7 we welcome award-winning author David Young who has written the Stasi Child – Karin Müller series of crime thrillers set in East Germany in the mid 1970s.

The series begins in 1975 with Stasi Child, David’s critically-acclaimed debut which was an official Top Twenty paperback bestseller in The Bookseller, won the CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger for best historical crime novel of 2016, and was longlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year.

The second in the series, Stasi Wolf, was published in e-book and paperback in February 2017 and A Darker State was released this year in the UK. Two more novels are under contract, making five in all.

Shortlist’s review of Stasi Child reads “Can’t get enough cold-war Germany after Deutschland 83? This is your latest reading companion”

And The Australian wrote “If you are a fan of Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther series, this will appeal. Though it’s stylistically more sober than Kerr’s noirish novels, the Berlin background is just as authentically realized. “

I’m delighted to say I’ve read and enjoyed them all!


The Crossword Puzzle Murder

Anna Maxwell Martin – David choice for the TV role of Karin Muller


The Candy Twins – David’s passport to Eastern Germany

Tender Objects – Here Comes the Rain – David’s second band

Man  – The Album Slow Motion


Stasi Child

Stasi Wolf

A Darker State

The Valley of the Unknowing

DDR Handbook

TV & Films

Weissensee – Stasi Family drama

Polizeiruf 110  GDR Police drama TV Series – The Sweeny GDR style!

Barbara – Film depicting a doctor in the GDR who has applied to leave.

West – depicting a GDR mother coping with life in the West

Spiral – French crime series


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