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Do you want to reach an audience that is passionately interested in the  Cold War period?

Why advertise on Cold War Conversations?

  • Podcasts are not passive, they engage with listeners. Research shows 76% of UK podcast listeners have followed up with an advert or sponsor’s message according to data from Acast.
  • Cold War Conversations is an award-winning podcast that is in the top 0.5% of most popular podcasts ( May 2022)  Read our reviews here 
  • With over 2 million listens and 230+ weekly episodes,our interviews with the military and civilians, as well as authors and historians, attract a loyal and educated audience.
  • Our listeners are a dedicated and engaged band who follow us on Twitter (15.2k), participate in our Facebook discussion group (3.9k), plus a growing Instagram following (2.4k)
  • We are also the in-demand podcast for any Cold War related book launch with publishers queuing up to get their writers on the show.
  • Our monthly listens are 75k (May 2022)

We have various options available, so we’d be delighted to have a chat.  Please email ian “at”

*WARC 2020 ** Marketing expert Hailey Friedman