Love this podcast
This podcast has lots of interesting stories on the Cold War and Ian has interesting guests on all the time, he really is very informative about subject matter, the guest he has on are so interesting . I would recommend this to all people interested in the Cold War or like me lived through the Cold War, thanks for what you do Ian and keep up the good work.. and I love the Easytonica music you use for the podcast
Henslme via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·10/09/2022
A fascinating subject with a broad range of guests and experiences
Ian perfectly crafts a show that is interesting, fascinating, well paced and with some amazing guests. To be able to have interviews with former spies, astronauts, pilots, the son of Gary Powers to folk who lived the Cold War owing to where they were geographically born is credit to the integrity of the show. For those interested in history, this is for you! I would like to see some of these audio elements used to educate the next generations in schools. To hear living history from real voices who experience so much makes it very real, and has taught me things that text books couldn’t. Reminding me of how things were as a child during the height of the Cold War.
Routemaster_fan via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·09/28/2022

Happy to recommend this podcast which I suspect is a labour of love. I lived through the cold war but was a passive spectator, the pod cast offers first hand accounts from people who played a role in those years, it’s always interesting

As a teenager, I huddled under the bedclothes listening to Radio Moscow fascinated by the mysterious eastern block. I have the same feeling listening to CWC but of course with much more truth and insight. Many of these guests are voices we weren’t able to hear from then. A really great series….apparently it’s a one-man production. Take a bow, sir.

This is an invaluable and totally absorbing project to record the experiences of those who have a personal Cold War story to tell. Ian brings it all to life and clearly expends considerable effort in bringing the best out of people, editing and publishing their tales. He is clearly dedicated and fascinated by the Cold War, and hid boundless enthusiasm and dedication will ensure that this gripping period in world history will be preserved for future generations. Thank you so much, Ian, for all that you do.

Interesting interviews with a wide range of people who either played a role or had their lives affected by the cold war.

Excellent, as a child of the cold War, looking into the things that worried me, and many more I knew nothing about! Excellent!

Absolutely best. For those who lived it as well as for those who want to learn from the past. Excellent research, fantastic guests.

Excellent, varied, informative and entertaining. A good mix of episodes on big geopolitical topics and everyday life episodes on the Cold War period.
This is easily my favourite program. It’s absolutely fantastic—Ive been listening for a few years now and basically every episode has beeb incredibly interesting & educational. Hearing from a diverse range of voices and experiences on a wide variety of topics opens up so many doors for study, and I would recommend this podcast to anybody with even a mild interest in anything ‘cold war’ related. For me, I’m particularly appreciative of topics connected to Canada or the DDR. It’s worth noting that—in my experience—the host, Ian, has been quite receptive to topical suggestions. All in all, this is both an intellectually enriching and entertaining podcast!

This podcast has a real mix of oral history ranging from the armed forces, to espionage, to everyday lives behind the iron curtain. Several topics have been related to things I have never heard of before (BRIXMIS for one) and it has also cost me the price of one book (cold war aviation) and has put several more on my ‘to buy’ list. Recommended for anyone interested in the cold war.

I didn’t know Kim Philby and Graham Green were colleagues and shared an interesting history in MI6 and in the film The Third Man. Thanks for this interesting podcast.
I’m an illustration student who’s always had a fascination with Cold War history, so as a casual history nerd this podcast is a delight to put in the background as I work. The accessibility of high quality content like this is why I love the internet!

My favourite podcast is Ian Sander’s recent interview with Charlotte Philby, granddaughter of Kim Philby which centred on her new book Edith and Kim. While it was interesting hearing family information and impressions of the famous Kim Philby, what fascinated me was Edith – Edith Tudor Hart, the spy who recommended Philby to the NKVD and introduced him to his handler. Charlotte Philby knew nothing about this woman for years, and I had never heard of her. Her story, and Charlotte’s own story of discovering Edith were riveting. Being a writer myself, I was equally interested in Charlotte’s re-imagining the story as a novel rather than non-fiction. The discussion evoked the atmosphere of Vienna and of London in the thirties and Moscow in the eighties, too. Thank you for introducing me to a compelling story and a talented author.

Gives a deeper understanding to world events from my childhood.

In my opinion the best podcast out there if you are interested in modern history and the cold war topic. The life and different destinies of the people, the personal stories, well researched and Ian Sanders is leading the conversations with focus on, and great respect for the guests.
I most strongly recommend this podcast for anyone who is interested in Cold War history and it’s lingering effects on our current world situation. The guests interviewed are people who experienced and endured this challenging time in world history. This podcast has also laid out a broad perspective of all the military, political and cultural issues of this era. It is literally a treasure trove of material for serious students of this time period in world history.

From the dramatic opening score to Ian`s engaging conversations with his knowledgeable guests, this podcast is keeping recent history very much alive. A must-listen for history fans.
Great podcasts. as someone who lived through the Cold war it is fascinating to learn about all the background and it is such an important job that Ian is doing to record all of these Cold War experiences . It is so important to record all this information for posterity
The best out there on the subject. I’ve a keen interest in the 1960/80s Great War oral histories, so to witness in real-time CWC similarly make a direct contribution to history is exhilarating.
This is my favorite podcast. The subject matter and the interviews are fascinating. I even heard someone I knew from college a few months ago and had no idea she and her husband had done all that. Really interesting and I have bought several books that were the subject of some of the casts.
Cold War Conversations is easily my favorite podcast. Every week I look forward to hearing interviews with people from all backgrounds whose lives were impacted by the Cold War. The laid back interview style allows the guest to speak at length about their experiences and share interesting stories that might have otherwise been lost to history. Highly recommended!
These interviews are utterly fascinating into life during the Cold War. I’m guessing for anyone aged under 40, they probably have no idea about what life was like at that time, so it’s great these stories bring the big events and facts to life from a human perspective rather than history book…Read full review »
Romford stu via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/29/20
Fascinating perspectives of the Cold War and its aftermath.
Louth23 via Apple Podcasts · Ireland · 11/26/20
Really enjoyed the submarine episode, looking forward to the rest!
monster ceilidh band via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/25/20
I place cold war conversations on top of my podcast list together with Hardcore history. The author make a fantastic work.
Mortificating via Apple Podcasts · Sweden · 11/21/20
A top notch listen. I grew up during the 80’s and so didn’t really appreciate the complexities of the political situation of the time, I did for some reason have GDR flag in my room as a child, no idea where it came from or how it ended up in South West Wales, it was just useful for keeping the…Read full review »
Rex Barker via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/19/20
It has taken me nearly six months but having finished episode 149 this morning I have finally got up to date with this fantastic series of interviews with those involved with or an interest in the Cold War. I started with the intention of cherry-picking the episodes which I thought best matched…Read full review »
Tree_Fella via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/16/20
High quality podcast. Fascinating guests!
pokookjesfv via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/12/20
As an avid enthusiast of Cold War history this podcast is a must and I have withdrawal symptoms if I go too long between episodes. Excellent variety of subjects covered, impressive array of people with first hand experiences interviewed, and superbly hosted and produced. Do yourself a favour…Read full review »
Tazlingle via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/11/20
I stumbled across this while looking for Cold War podcasts as despite having studied History to Masters degree level, my knowledge of this era is sketchy to say the least! I found it fascinating, easy to listen to, with lots of tips and hints for further research or visits to Berlin and…Read full review »
3rdtimearound via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/11/20
This is an excellent podcast which is actively preserving Cold War history through engaging interviews with the women and men who lived it and shaped it, on both sides.
Lee Dedmon via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/09/20
Thank you for bringing us Carmen Bugan’s story, episode 147 of 31/10/20. An amazing story, and so well told by Bugan. ??
SMonttana via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/06/20
This is a very important source of info @ the Cold War. As well as a great podcast. We must know the past so we can see the future. There is a Cold War in it. Thanku
tociwest via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/03/20
A very informative show with a casual feel as they interview people who played important roles in the Cold War on both sides. The stories are always engaging and the hosts ask the right questions!
Shaggy Mike via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/24/20
This is a wonderful podcast if you have any interest in The Cold War. Mr Sanders does a great job at conducting his interviews has an amazing collection guests who share some fantastic stories. Good stuff.
Kevin Bee via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/12/20
This is a very well researched, presented and informative, enjoyed show. Only just discovered it so loads to listen Thank you!
neilgregs via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 10/11/20
I stumbled across this show last night, and spent about 5 hours listening! It’s a really well done podcast, with great guests and cool topics!
sgt__elis via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/09/20
Accessible, often highly personal stories of Cold War events.
Andy C Davis via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/07/20
Phenomenal podcast, one of the best, if not the best, history shows in this medium. Unlike other popular (inexplicably) ‘hardcore’ or ‘revolutions’ podcasts, this one presents eyewitness original cold war content that cannot be found anywhere else as well as purposefully pointing you in the right…Read full review »
Waltercmd498 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/06/20
I am a labor worker on a construction site. This podcast keeps me entertained the entire day, as a fellow Historical reenactor I thank you for keeping me entertained during my work days.
LiammFilms via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 10/05/20
Great conversations and insight into the Cold War from various perspectives on both sides of the Iron Curtain. If you’re a Cold War junkie, then this podcast is for you. The host and guests are as down to earth as any and keep the listeners captivated with personal stories that you won’t…Read full review »
Ami Berliner via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/04/20
This is a superb podcast with firsthand accounts of Cold War history. Each episode is fascinating.
Monkeyperth via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/30/20
Much has been written about the Cold War, yet this podcast is a valuable addition to the genre as it provides invaluable first person interviews, new information, fresh POVs. A rich resource.
Maxymaxmoo via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/24/20
An excellent podcast, covers a lot of very interesting histories from the amazing Cold War era, with a good host and great editing. Definetly my favourite podcast.
Dorabito via Apple Podcasts · Spain · 09/22/20
I recently discovered Coldwar Conversations and after listening to only one I subscribed. This is a reserve of major importance and future historians studying events of the Cold War have a rich seam to mine! It is really well presented in an easy going conversational style which I particularly…Read full review »
BromptonChrispy via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/19/20
This is an important, engaging and deeply interesting podcast with a cast of characters and stories that span the globe and paint the picture of a world that is quickly receding from memory. For any 20th century history buff this is a must listen fantastic work Ian!
ElCid via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/18/20
The longer interviews are great. Really enjoyed the Portland Spy Ring.
PCDETTMANN via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/18/20
An excellent podcast that explores many different aspects of the cold war with a variety of guests. Highly recommend and utilises quality production values.
Peter Davidsen via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/17/20
A fantastically wide-ranging scope of the Cold War and the people/events therein. Ian is a great interviewer and his enthusiasm for the subject really shines through.
andyrockdoc via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/16/20
Have become a frequent listener and subscriber. Superbly presented and produced. Highly recommend. Latest episodes about the Portland Spy ring were excellent.
We rose via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/16/20
Such an interesting and informative podcast- a real treat for history fans and it’s also creating a valuable source of record for future generations
ficjxgzgdnc via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/13/20
Many compliments on one of the most informative and insightful podcasts with respect to this period. Ian really brings the listener into each conversation, and these first-hand accounts provide a depth to the key events of that time I haven’t come across before.Read full review »
chopperjaney via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/06/20
Very interesting guests on the show
There’s a heap of varied interesting guests on the show from fighter pilots, to nuclear bunker workers to spies, Ian has a great way of letting the guests do the talking which works well ??
Qwertykevboy via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/09/2020
Best British Cold War podcast
I only stumbled across this show two weeks ago and have already consumed the entire back catalogue. The diversity of subject matter and guests are intriguing. Football, espionage, war games, tanks, schooling, music and everyday slice of life stuff. Ian Sanders is a man of few words who isn’t a natural interviewer but he utilises this to his advantage most of the time; he lets his guests speak and doesn’t impose himself upon them. If there is a slight drawback here it’s that sometimes he doesn’t always press for more from guests who aren’t the most forthcoming and moves on to an unrelated question. I can live with that as I can relate to Ian as a host and genuinely enjoy his enthusiasm, passion for the subject and appreciation of his guests. He’s producing a great show that will teach you something new, regardless of how much you think you already know about the Cold War.
Fizzlepop2020 via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/07/2020
Fascinating history
I’ve always been fascinated by the nostalgia of the Cold War era having lived with the threat as a child. Ian’s insight and access to a wide range of guests and content make this a much recommended listen for enthusiasts
simmovic via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/06/2020
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
HelloandNo via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·02/06/2020
Incredible Podcast
This is easily the best historical podcast out there and it might just be the best podcast of all. Well researched and put together by the host plus an impressive array of guests. Start listening if you haven’t already.
marrdave via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·02/05/2020
Informative and interesting
A really enjoyable listen!
Dais28 via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·01/31/2020
Fascinating History
Wonderful stories. Addictive once you start listening.
Tim of Townsville via Apple Podcasts ·Australia ·01/25/2020
Engaging, informative, educational, entertaining, varied.
I stumbled upon this podcast while looking for episodes on brutalism and the space race back in November. Having studied modern history in school, and also having a interest in aircraft from the Cold War era, in addition to a love of Berlin I began to pick other episodes, and became well and truly hooked. From a critics perspective this podcast uses a lot of primary sourcing, which I find uniquely engaging. The different viewpoints aren’t always what you would expect and overall there is a focus on the human aspect of the era, which makes many anecdotes relatable to the listener so you are able to gain a level of understanding harder to achieve from history books (at least from my poorly read point of view) It has also significantly increased the pile of books I want/have bought but haven’t read yet. All in all, I’ve not listened or subscribed to many podcasts, but as of today I am supporting this one as it has a large historical value that swells as more episodes are released, and as such I see this as somewhat more worthwhile than others for that reason alone. What keeps me interested is Ian’s engaging and erudite manner and delivery and as such I will be keeping up to date. The more people that do this the more this will develop! Keep up the good work!
dbanbery via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·01/17/2020
A Must for Cold War fiction writers
As a Cold War historical spy fiction writer I go to Cold War Conversations for context, color and to continue to expand on my knowledge. Now I know a lot about the Cold War – personally and professionally (my mother was a political prisoner in Czechoslovakia), but I always learn something new on this podcast.
Victoria Dougherty via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·01/10/2020
Just brilliant
i’ve found it difficult to find a good, varied and informative podcast on soviet history, until now. as a post-graduate student studying soviet history this podcast is a real gem to listen to while i’m pottering about in the flat or commuting. highly recommend to anyone wanting to know more about this period in history beyond what books will tell you.
joshare via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·01/05/2020
A phenomenal journey
One of the cleverest ways to bring this period to life and it’s a hell of a journey to listen from start to today’s shows. Through the words of the people who lived it makes this unique period accessible and understandable. Thanks Ian for a brilliant show.
alex g 4 real via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·07/29/2019
Highly Recommended
I don’t know how Ian does it, but the contents of this podcast is just amazing. Every episode you hear from fascinating interview partners that have outstanding stories to share and just make want you to listen to more. I can only echo what others have said in terms of getting addicted to this one. Thank you for this excellent podcast!
Armin von Teckentrupp via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·07/29/2019
Fascinating podcast covering the Cold War
I was lucky enough to meet Ian who makes and produces this podcast on a tour of the former USAF base at Upper Heyford. He spoke with such passion about this period of recent history, I thought I would give his podcast a listen whilst travelling to work, and listened to more shows. The fact this podcast can attract such a variety of guests to talk about their experiences or interaction with this period of time, is a testament as to how good and solid it is. I have encouraged friends not only in the UK, but family in the US who lived it in the forces; but also a couple of friends who were born in the DDR at the tail end of it. Looking forward to hear more shows, so tune in.
Routemaster_fan via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·07/28/2019
What an excellent podcast
Really love these podcasts addressing a part of history that is under reported – everyday knowledge and experience is disappearing. One of the best bits? An interviewer who actually lets his interviewees talk! Great stuff… Some really fascinating insights into a variety of Cold War topics – thoroughly recommended
curtissp322 via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·07/15/2019
Great show but Euro Centri
This is an excellent podcast. Great variety of shows. However the content is mostly focused on the DDR. It’s like a WWII podcast that only covers the Eastern Front. Show has lots of potential if it could expand to coverage of the Americas and the greater Western Europe. Thanks for a great podcast.
Seattle666 via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·06/30/2019
Great podcast
Amazing podcast with great guests. An absolute must for anyone interested in the Cold War. Ian is a great host and knows how to interview. Keep it up!
ArieWa via Apple Podcasts ·Netherlands ·06/29/2019
Cold War Conversations
I’ve become addicted to these shows. Some really strong interviewees that bring the whole Cold War era to life. Absolutely fascinating and well-presented with a neutral stance in an engaging, honest and often humorous style.
ID007Dougie via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·06/27/2019
Chance discovery
I stumbled upon this podcast by chance and I’m so glad I did! The interviews are so fascinating and done so naturally. I’m looking forward to playing catch up over the next few weeks!
markist76 via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·06/25/2019
Amazing insights
Just discovered the Podcast through my interest in West/East Berlin music scenes and a fascination with Mark Reeders’ story (great interview with him by the way! I could listen to him for hours). Each episode of the Podcast gives amazing insights and different perspectives on, what I find, the most interesting period of history: The Cold War! Cheers Ian for doing these, such a treat every morning on the tube commute. I always imagine I’m passing through ghost stations on the u-bahn. Best – Ben
Berlin Ben via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·06/14/2019
Cant wait to get into the car
I always struggled with music to listened to in the car and constantly changing radio stations or cd. Now I listen to a pod cast a day on the drive to work and home and look forward to getting in the car to hear the stories about life behind the iron curtain and the Cold War. Keep up the good work Ian.
roger_arnold via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·05/30/2019

An excellent podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Cheeses word 101 from United States of America on May 11, 2019

What’s so great about this podcast is that the topics discussed are varied enough so that one is able to tailor one’s listening experience to his or her interests. The podcast is also exceptionally well-produced given that, insofar as I can tell, it was produced without assistance from any major benefactor. I can’t wait to see what else will be included in Season 3!


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by GM0WDD from United Kingdom on May 9, 2019

This is a great podcast with varied content from different perspectives. Well worth a listen.

Excellent Podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by MartiniGlassBob from United States of America on May 2, 2019

I’ve binge listened to all eps and I’m so impressed at how varied the interviews are, how different the experiences of the former DDR were for various podcast guests. The episode on Able Archer was brilliant, but my favoutite so far is still ‘My Stasi file is as thick as phone book’. Keep up the incredible work Ian Sanders. I’ve even sponsored this podcast on patreon. Looking forward to every episode now.

Great insight into the Cold War era

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Balint Kaman from Ireland on March 30, 2019

Only came across this podcast a few days ago and absolutely flying through the episodes! Great insight into the life of people who were stuck behind the Iron Curtain. Looking forward for the next episode! Balint Kaman


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Zach1998! from United States of America on February 27, 2019

I absolutely love this podcast! Many of us that are into the Cold War have no direct connection with the Cold War. However, for reasons unknown, many of us are simply obsessed with the topic. I was born during the early part of the Reagan administration in the United States. I have an entire library on the Cold War, focusing primarily on the Warsaw Pact. There was no real explanation for fascination, yet I am sure there are others similar to myself out there that are also fascinated with this podcast. What an incredible job!

Living history

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Trilbyhat from United Kingdom on February 21, 2019

This is an absolute brilliant podcast. It’s history told by so many different points of view. It grabs the much bigger picture. The voices of those who lived this history gives it so much more.

Very interesting and well produced

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Skjip1969 from Australia on February 6, 2019

So much great content and well produced. A fascinating insight often showing the perspective from the east, otherwise unknown to westerners at such an important period of time

A must-listen for any Cold War fan

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Peteyinmontreal from Canada on February 5, 2019

I have recently come across this podcast and was immediately taken with the quality of the guests interviewed as well as the fascinating topics. A serious binge-listen for any serious student of cold war history!

Well worth the time

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by GDR Objectified from Canada on February 5, 2019

Glad I gave this podcast my ear as it examines a fascinating era from a variety of perspectives. I enjoy the personal angle and the fact that we get to hear individuals’ experiences in great depth.

Cold War conversations – excellent

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by stevied1102 from UK on January 24, 2019

I have now listened to half a dozen of these due to my, I would say, casual interest in the Cold War and they have been enlightening. Great guests and an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic host. The main subjects discussed are fascinating and the quick fire questions at the end have given me some ideas regarding further reading and viewing to increase my awareness of this wide subject.

Todd Lemieux

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by P’e’p’e’ from Canada on January 17, 2019

A broad ranging and interesting interview series with those directly involved and knowledgeable about the Cold War.

able archer

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by manuel alzaga from USA on December 25, 2018


Great podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Mac East 2nd Floor Studios from USA on December 6, 2018

Cold War Conversations lets you see a new side of the Cold War, from the people who were living through it all across the world. The interviews Ian conducts are excellent and very intriguing, he has some amazing guests. Definitely check it out!

The History That Shaped Our World

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Neil Gussman from USA on December 5, 2018

Ian Sanders introduces his listeners to a wide array of people and stories from the history of Cold War: Life in Berlin on both sides of the wall, a man who owns a Soviet Submarine, the Korean War in Britain, so much fun to listen to.

Fascinating Cold War podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by JamieNYC from USA on December 4, 2018

This podcast is extremely interesting and features varied guests discussing the Cold War and the DDR.

Very worthwhile

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Macjackb from UK on November 29, 2018

As the title suggests, this isn’t a dry historical series, not that there’s anything wrong with that approach; instead each episode comprises an interview with someone connected to the era, whether they lived through the time or have a personal or professional connection. Always full of interesting and random detail.

Excellent podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Chris_millingtonuk from UK on November 18, 2018

A fascinating and varied look at the Cold War

Fascinating Podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Sweaty Betty from Australia on November 13, 2018

Always interesting. Look forward to each release.

Passion for his subject

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Wombling Wurzel from UK on November 12, 2018

What’s sets this apart from other history podcasts is that you can tell just how truly passionate Ian is about the topic in question. Long may this podcast go on and take us to other places.

Highly recommend

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by thegonzokid from UK on November 11, 2018

A great podcast with lots of interesting and diverse guests. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the Cold War, socialism and the Eastern Bloc.

Intriguing stories, beautifully produced

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by vasilbill from USA on November 4, 2018

This podcast will be interesting for anyone with an interest in modern history. The interviews are very well-conducted and reveal sides of the Cold War that are usually missed in standard textbooks. Give it a listen!

Cold War conversations

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Wayne Sherwood from UK on October 20, 2018

Excellent and informative podcasts. A great way to spend my hours drive to work. Looking forward to more!


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by AndrewCairns from UK on October 17, 2018

Been looking for a podcast like this for a long time and somehow stumbled upon it while searching for an other topic. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you to the creator/s.


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Streaker1902 from UK on September 25, 2018

A great mixture of guests talk about their experiences of this period in history and their interest/studies of this subject. A fascinating time relived in a series of honest conversations.

Love and Rockets

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Stagedive C from UK on September 18, 2018

Fascinating listening and great for soul. For anyone with an interest or obsession in Cold War history, this is a great place to head. I perceive Ian to be an excitable child when faced with some of the topics which makes for a very absorbing sub plot and something many people will relate to. If Point Alpha is your Disneyland, this podcast is for you. I consumed 20+ episodes over a two week period and have ‘caught up’ but the anticipation is killing me. Great work.


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Ladydidi57 from USA on September 11, 2018

Excellent podcast! Also the show notes are phenomenal with links to book, other video’s etc. This is really great!

Unexpectedly fascinating

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by RickJurkiewicz from UK on September 4, 2018

Absolutely not my usual choice of podcast, but clearly this is a well researched body of work and interesting to hear topics that occasionally reflect what’s happening in today’s geopolitical landscape..


English Speaking Guide

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by 5001 Bunker Explorer from USA on September 3, 2018

If you like Cold War history this show is a must. Ian does an excellent job of bringing us real luminaries that know their stuff. The interviews are thorough and the show is well paced. If you are a CW aficionado there is lots, lots here for you. Best interviews were with Francis Gary Powers, Jr., Sergei Krushchev, Shane Whaley (Berlin Brigade and Checkpoint Charlie) and Nigel Dunkley (BRIXMIS). Check it out!!!!


Fantastic Cold War Oral History

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Lucetta 18 from UK on August 31, 2018

If you have any interest in the Cold War, either one specific topic or the whole period, then this has to be the Podcast for you! The interviewees are always interesting and not any that you would her elsewhere. It is part social, military, and political history; the insights and opinions which are shared are frequently those which you would not hear or read elsewhere. This podcast has to be essential listening for any Cold War geek or for those with a passing interest in any particular topic. This is a long overdue addition to the oral history of the period.


Interesting angles to the Cold War

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Sidney17 from UK on July 29, 2018

Great podcast with some different angles to viewing the Cold War. A great mix of guests with some really interesting views.


Top notch

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Little Derek from UK on July 29, 2018

Ian is a great host, the topics he covers are fascinating and his guests are a brilliant bunch. Keep ‘em coming!


Excellent varied conversations

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by ‘kingdave82 from UK on July 27, 2018

Top notch podcast, I’ve enjoyed every episode to date. Ian covers a great variety of topics with an eclectic bunch of truly engaging interviewees. Every time I see a new episode has arrived I can’t wait to listen to some familiar topics, which I invariably am entertained and educated by; and some new ones which give great insights into an area I had no idea about.

A must for anyone interested in the Cold War

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Guitar500uk from UK on July 4, 2018

This is a really excellent podcast. The range of guests is great and the host is always well informed and keen to know more. I can’t recommend thsi enough. I look forward to each new episode.


Great Insights

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Bill, the Wildcat from USA on July 3, 2018

I found this podcast as research for my next novel, and I’m enjoying Ian’s interviews a lot. Ian does a great job guiding the conversation while staying out of the way of his guests so they can tell their stories. For anyone curious about this period in history, it’s a great pod to explore.


Cold War Conversations: E Germany 1953 Uprising

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by dkresse from USA on June 17, 2018

Insightful discussion. Highly recommended if you’re interested in the Cold War, or history in general


Love these podcasts!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Sir Markus Carolinas from USA on June 12, 2018

If you are a Cold War buff or were raised during the Cold War, these wonderful podcasts will keep you intrigued and fascinated. Thanks !



★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Crustyman17 from Canada on May 23, 2018

Found this a couple of weeks ago whilst travelling in Germany visiting the museums of the Inner German Border. Perfect timing and a must listen



★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Cal900barnet from UK on May 22, 2018

Wonderful, love this! Thanks, please do more about sport, hobbies, shopping etc


Learning so much

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by @thenairndon from UK on May 9, 2018

I love this podcast. I am very interested in the Cold War but have a limited knowledge, so this is a brilliant source of information for me. The host has a great knowledge but runs the show without ever patronising the listener and has the gift of just letting the guest talk. Looking forward to more of these. Acht Acht Drei.


A unique podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by MartinFD from Canada on May 7, 2018

I find this podcast fascinating. Every episode features a writer or historian well-versed on a Cold War related matter. I found the episode dedicated to the June 17 1953 uprising interesting and informative. Cold War Conversations is a welcome addition!


Highly recommended.

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Kbc64 from UK on May 6, 2018

This is an incredibly interesting and informative podcast. Great guests and hosted with a real passion for the subject. Essential listening for people with an interest in the Cold War & DDR.


Entertaining and informative

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Russell Phillips from UK on May 3, 2018

I’m really enjoying this podcast. The relaxed style is entertaining, the content interesting. Ian seems to have a real knack for getting interesting information out of his guests.


Very informative

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Paul Grant 4 from UK on April 29, 2018

Great podcasts – full of useful information and insights for researchers, authors, historians, or people just interested in the topic.


Cold War

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by ID007Dougie from UK on April 25, 2018

I’m really enjoying these podcasts as I’ve been interested in the subject since childhood but only visited “Eastern Europe” since the fall of the wall. It’s really hard to imagine what life must have been like living behind The Iron Curtain but these episodes are helping to fill in the gaps with very incisive interviews and amazing facts. Keep up the good work comrade!


Cold War Conversations

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Brian_1973 from Ireland on April 25, 2018

I recently started listening to Cold War Conversations, after I saw it mentioned on the Spybrary podcast page. I’ve always been fascinated by many aspects of the Cold War so I jumped on board straight away. Ian Sanders does a brilliant job with this. Although in its early days it feels like so much has been covered already. Ian has a nice easy-going style of presentation which works very well as it sounds like he’s having an informal chat rather than an interview when he has a guest on. High quality guests so far too. Keep up the great work, Ian.



★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by RIP DIMEBAG from UK on April 25, 2018

Great show. Ian is a well informed and enthusiastic host and has some good guests. Sound quality is also very good. Highly recommend


Interesting Historical Podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by MARY-E from UK on April 25, 2018

This is an excellent podcast. If you have an interest in modern history and especially the Cold War it’s a must listen. 5 episodes in and it’s already covered a wide range of topics with very interesting guests.