Ian speaking at the Imperial War Museum in London

Here’s what Inside History Magazine say about Cold War Conversations.

“Ian Sanders is a man on a mission. For him, this is more than a podcast. This is about gathering stories from the Cold War before they are lost. It is this that makes this an exceptional podcast. Along the way, you will meet a wide range of people from spies, to victims and perpetrators. From tales of everyday life in East Germany to former KGB agents this podcast is also acting as a historical record not only for its listeners today but also for those listening in the future.

You have to hand it to Ian who is not only a truly talented interviewer but also his desire to gather as many stories as he possibly can. In a world of podcasting that sometimes feels like it is being taken over by the bigger names and studios, Ian does this completely off his own back. It is a passion that shines through with every episode. Some of the stories can be a difficult, emotional listen but it highlights the era perfectly.

Where possible, Ian will sit down with other historians in order to dig deeper into their latest works. The Cold War and indeed, Ian’s brilliant work can often get overshadowed in favour of other periods of history but if the Cold War interests you then this is essential listening. For those who teach or study this period, this is more than just another podcast but also an invaluable source that can be referred to for decades to come.”

Ian at the Reichstag, West Berlin in June 1989

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Ian Sanders, Host & Producer

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