Growing up on a Soviet base in the GDR

  Andrej’s father served with the Soviet Army in Germany.  He grew up on a military base and shares his childhood memories as East Germany began to disintegrate. So would you like one of those Cold War Conversations coasters you keep hearing me talk about? Well it’s easy, just sign up to and for … Read moreGrowing up on a Soviet base in the GDR

Eyewitness to the 1991 Soviet Coup

As a 24 year old Kieran Williams was in Moscow staying with Soviet friends when the 1991 Moscow Coup occurred. He is a Professor at Drake University in the United States and previously he taught for nine years at University College London’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies, where he was an associate professor … Read moreEyewitness to the 1991 Soviet Coup

66 – Liberation Square

  Gareth Rubin is an author and journalist and today we’re talking to him about his latest novel, Liberation Square set in a Soviet occupied UK in the 1950s. Buy the book on this link and support the podcast Thanks to  our select band of supporters who are helping us financially for the price of … Read more66 – Liberation Square

59 – The Trans Siberian Railway

  In this episode we speak with Mark Wiegers who travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railway in the late 1980s. His story tells of trouble with officialdom, the unexpected kindness of strangers and the beauty of a Soviet Union on the cusp of major change. Mark has taken a stunning set of photos on his journey … Read more59 – The Trans Siberian Railway