On the Streets of Cold War Estonia fighting for Independence

Timo takes us on his journey through the tumultuous events of the 1991 Soviet coup attempt, as experienced from the streets of the Baltic States.

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As the coup unfolds, Timo finds himself in Lithuania, planning to covertly visit the closed Soviet city of Kaliningrad. He shares the tension sharing a dining table with a Soviet officer, unknowingly on the eve of the coup.

As the coup escalates, Timo’s narrative becomes a vivid street-level account of the Baltic peoples’ defiance. He describes the formation of human walls against Soviet tanks, the strategic significance of the TV tower, and the Estonians’ ingenious methods of maintaining communication despite Russian interference.

Timo’s reflections on the fear of violence, and the spirit of resistance that pervaded Estonia during those critical hours are a testament to the resilience of a nation on the brink of reclaiming its freedom.

Timo’s book “Tanks & Roaches” is only currently available in Finnish, Estonian and Slovak and can be purchased on the links below:

Timo’s book cover.
  • Details of Timo’s book in English via (Bonnier Rights Finland)


  • Finnish Original (Tammi)


  • Estonian Translation (Varrak)


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Documentary – The Singing Revolution


Song festivals are a long Estonian tradition dating from the 19th century. They played an enormous role in the national awakening of the 1980’s. The Estonian liberation process is called the Singing Revolution for a reason.

It became a tradition that people wanted to sing this song twice. Therefore, on this video, people first sing the song, then demand a repeat and finally sing it again together with Tõnis Mägi. These Estonians are singing Koit in the Estonian Song Festival of 2014.