43 – Highlights of 2018 – A whistle stop tour


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Welcome to the Cold War Conversations History Podcast 2018 roundup and thank you to all our listeners and guests who’ve stuck with us and made the podcast what it is.

If your old or new to the podcast I hope this episode will make you dip into episodes you might have missed or you thought are not your cup of tea..

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It’s been quite a year for me. I started this project in March 2018 and had no idea where it would go and have been astounded by the response and range of guests we have had on. 

I have been privileged to speak to the son of a former Soviet Premier, I’ve sat chatting over coffee in the kitchen of a former NVA officer in Liverpool, and boarded a Soviet submarine in Kent. Now that would make quite a bucket list on its own!

Anyway you don’t want to listen to my ramblings, here’s the whistle stop tour of Cold War Conversations 2018 – enjoy!



44 – Chasing Bears Part 1 – RAF intercepts of Soviet aircraft


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Nick Anderson is a former RAF Phantom jet fighter pilot. We discuss flying in the Cold War and in detail how the RAF would have responded to a nuclear attack. We also talk about how QRA (Quick Reaction Alert)  worked and hear details of a number of missions Nick flew intercepting the Soviet  Tupolev Tu-95 codenamed “The Bear” by NATO.

Before we start the episode I wanted to thanks everyone who is supporting the podcast financially via Patreon and one off donations. including our latest supporters William Wallace, Peter Ryan, George Foster and  James Chilcott.

Now some of you may not realise that this podcast is a one man band and the podcast is financed out of my own pocket. When I started this in March 2018 I had no idea how popular this was going to be and have been astonished by the interest, your feedback and the generosity of my guests in allowing me to share their stories.

However, that popularity does increase the costs of putting the podcast out and if all our listeners just paid a dollar, a pound or a euro a month I’d be able to do far more. Now you may wonder what this Patreon is I keep banging on about. Well it makes it dead easy to support the podcast. Just visit Patreon.com/coldwarpod, choose your level of support and then I receive that amount monthly. In addition you will get access to previews, and other exclusive extras that don’t make it into the free version of the show.   Just  click here to help support the show 

Now back to today’s episode. We start out by describing the Phantom itself, and it’s difference from the US version.

We welcome Nick Anderson

Images provided By Nick