The lazy schoolboy who became a Cold War Vulcan pilot

Kevin was born in Wigan in North West England and joined the RAF as an apprentice in 1956 with only 3 O Levels. He came top of his course, but was posted into supplies at RAF St Mawgan.  However he quickly became in charge of their clothing stores and by a fortuitous route became a trainee pilot.

By May 1963 he joins the RAF V Force as a Vulcan pilot and served with 44 Squadron where Vulcan crews were being converted to low level flying.

He describes the challenges of low level flying, Vulcan handling, and the immense power of the Vulcan’s engines and training in Canada.

We also hear about the different methods of nuclear bomb release, what it was like to be on Quick Reaction Alert and his targets in the Soviet Union.

Kevin also flew a number of the Queen’s birthday flights up the Mall and describes a near collision on one of these events in cloud.

He also remembers some of his colleagues who never came back from missions.

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