Cold War Nuclear Bombing Missions and a UFO Encounter

Cold War RAF pilot Jeremy Lane, shares his gripping experiences, from nuclear bombing missions to a close encounter with a UFO.

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He was trained to fly the Canberra aircraft on nuclear bombing missions and describes how the American weaponry they would have used required dual control from both the President of the United States and the British Prime Minister.

Jeremy also describes the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) duties where aircraft were always on standby, ready to fly their nuclear missions at a moment’s notice.

He shares his experiences with escape and evasion training, designed to prepare pilots for the possibility of being shot down over enemy territory. The training was gruelling, involving everything from water survival exercises, evading capture in the wilderness and how to stand up to interrogation. It was a stark reminder of the risks these pilots faced daily.

However, it wasn’t all tension and drills. Life on the squadron had its moments of camaraderie and even humour. Our guest recounts how young pilots, feeling invincible, would joke about heading west instead of completing their mission if war ever broke out.

The episode concludes with a truly extraordinary story—a close encounter with a UFO. During a night flight exercise, our guest, his crew and other aircraft witnessed a mysterious, pulsating object in the sky.

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