Guarding Britain’s nuclear weapons and RAF Akrotiri during the Cold War

Following his RAF Regiment officer training Trevor Howie was posted to 34 Sqn at Raf Akrotiri in Cyprus, commanding  C Flight. The RAF regiment was effectively the Royal Air Force’s infantry, providing ground defence for air operations.

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34 Sqn had a dual role of providing defence at Akrotiri and in the event of war at RAF Wildenrath in Germany. 

Trevor vividly describes his time at Akrotiri, including terrorist threats and realistic anti-riot training exercises the enthusiasm of the  Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders required a hospital ward to be kept available for casualties.   

In 1986 Trevor became involved in Nuclear Weapon Security training, where the training techniques he introduced were the subject of complaints. His service also includes stints at RAF Greenham Common where he describes providing support to the US nuclear-armed cruise missile deployment there. 

Don’t miss next week’s episode where Trevor is posted to RAF Gatow in West Berlin as the Station Regiment Officer,  responsible for advising the Station Commander on how to defend the Station during times of war, tension, or terrorist threat.

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I am delighted to welcome Trevor Howie to our Cold War conversation…


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