The President’s Kill List – Assassination and US Foreign Policy since 1945


Luca Trenta is an associate professor at Swansea University and has recently authored The President’s Kill List: Assassination and US Foreign Policy Since 1945. We dig in detail into the contents of the book delving into the history of Cold War CIA operations including instances of electoral interference and assassination.

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Our conversation explores key historical episodes, including U.S. actions in Italy, Cuba, Chile, and assassinations in the context of the Cold War.

Case studies feature notable figures such as Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Salvador Allende and René Schneider. Our discussion includes the impact of investigative journalism, the intricacies of covert planning, and the eventual exposure of these actions.

Luca also shares his personal story of a memorable dinner with former President Jimmy Carter.

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The “Family Jewels,” this document consists of almost 700 pages of responses from CIA employees to a 1973 directive from Director of Central Intelligence James Schlesinger asking them to report activities they thought might be inconsistent with the Agency’s charter.

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