A Cold War Hungarian Journey Through War, Revolution, and Emigration

In this comprehensive narrative, Imre recounts his life from his birth in 1936 in Hungary to his emigration to the West after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

He discusses the influence of his family’s Hungarian and German heritage, his father’s work in the oil industry, and the impact of World War II and communist rule on his upbringing.

The account vividly describes his education, military training, and involvement in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. He also highlights his subsequent escape to Austria and eventual resettlement in England including living with Bridget’s parents who featured in episode 322  

Imre elaborates on the hardships faced by his family due to political changes and the repressive regime, as well as his educational and professional journey in the UK, culminating in a successful international career.

His narrative provides a poignant look at the personal ramifications of leaving your country and the impact on relatives left behind.

Listen to Bridget’s story here https://coldwarconversations.com/episode322/

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