Home Bases: Memories & Stories of US Military Bases in the UK


Sean Kelly is the author of Home Bases: Memories & Stories of US Military Bases Around London which for the first time, puts the spotlight on the history of many of the US Military’s lesser-known command and support bases that were located either in or close to London. The bases (often known as ‘Little Americas’) are furthermore brought to life in a series of ‘snapshot’ memories.

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We hear about the heroism of US personnel who were awarded the George medal for bravery in rescuing people caught in the great floods of 1953 in East Anglia as well as including actor Larry Hagman who played JR Ewing in the TV series Dallas.

We also discuss the memories of bases further afield such as Upper Heyford, Greenham Common, Sculthorpe, and Burtonwood.

Sean Kelly holding the two George Medals

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I am delighted to welcome Sean Kelly to our Cold War conversation…

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