A 17 year old in the Cold War US Army

  Today we speak to Manuel Alzaga who as a 17 year old joined the US Army in 1981. Manuel signed up to the artillery and tells his story from life of poverty in Los Angeles through to deployment in West Germany for a Reforger exercise.  Before we get going you can really help us … Read more

Flying the Cold War CF-104 Starfighter over Germany

  Laurie Hawn is a retired Canadian Member of Parliament and former career fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Laurie tells the story of low level delivery of nuclear weapons via the Starfighter as well as conventional missions. Also we get insight into the escape, evasion and interrogation training given to NATO pilots. … Read more

Cold War Canadians Hunt For Red October

Colonel Terry Chester spent a good portion of his RCAF career hunting for Soviet Submarines in both the Pacific and Atlantic area’s of operation. He was instrumental in the design criteria for sub hunting capability’s when Canada procured the, then new Aurora, for anti-submarine hunting in the early 1980’s. Terry has great stories to tell … Read more

An East German Army Officer at the Fall of the Berlin Wall

    In this episode we hear the third and final part of Torsten Belger’s story as he tells us about his first visit to West Berlin, leaving the East German Army and life after the GDR. Before we start a quick thanks to Skjip1969, Peteyinmontreal & GDR Objectified for leaving reviews in Itunes. Do … Read more

Veteran of the Cold War Berlin Airlift – the Candy Bomber

Today I speak to 98 year old Gail Halvorsen aka “The Candy Bomber” who flew in the Berlin Airlift in 1948. The Soviets had started a 11-month land blockade against West Berlin. The blockade was broken by a massive U.S.-British airlift of vital supplies to West Berlin. Gail tells an incredible story of an iconic … Read more

Chasing Bears – RAF intercepts of Cold War Soviet aircraft – Part 1

Nick Anderson is a former RAF Phantom jet fighter pilot. We discuss flying in the Cold War and in detail how the RAF would have responded to a nuclear attack. We also talk about how QRA (Quick Reaction Alert)  worked and hear details of a number of missions Nick flew intercepting the Soviet  Tupolev Tu-95 codenamed … Read more

Cold War East German Army Officer Training

  Today we speak with Torsten Belger who trained as an Artillery Officer in the East German Army. Torsten also runs Germandotmilitaria which is a web site selling various items of East German militaria and civilian items too. It’s well worth a visit Adam Spink – you know who you are. Adam Spink is our … Read more