Cuban Missile Crisis U2 Squadron Commander

Col. William “Greg” Gregory served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and saw extensive combat over North Africa and Europe during World War 2.

When the Air Force was created he continued his role as a pilot and eventually became part of the clandestine U-2 spy plane program, rising to the position of squadron commander. It was his squadron in fact that flew many of the spy missions over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

He was later awarded a medal by the CIA for his service, as well as a letter of appreciation by President Kennedy.

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Today’s episode is brought in conjunction with The Cold War Museum and I’m delighted to welcome back Col William Gregory to Cold War Conversations.

It was such an honour to speak to Greg and hear first-hand from someone so deeply involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thanks again to the Cold War Museum for arranging the conversation.

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