Cold War Espionage, East Germany and Berlin with Spybrary host Shane Whaley (Part 2)

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Welcome to episode 5 which is part 2 of our Cold War Conversations with Shane Whaley of Spybrary . 

We talked for some time ,so I have split this interview into two parts.

I hope you find this second half as interesting as I did – settle in for more wide ranging and hopefully interesting conversation with my good friend Shane Whaley.

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Thank you for listening

Here are some links to the subjects we talked about.

( A small affiliate fee from book links helps pay for Podcast hosting charges)

Behind the Berlin Wall book 

Accidental announcement that DDR border will open

Bornholmer Strasse Checkpoint opening film (in German)

George Blake escape

Deutschland 83 Soundtrack 

Bruckner 9th Symphony 

Operation Rose – the plan to build the Berlin Wall  

John Peet book – The Long Engagement

Richard Nixon

The Berlin Wall: 13 August 1961 – 9 November 1989 book by Frederick Taylor

Stasiland – book

Born in the GDR – book 

The File: A Personal History – book

Man Without a Face: The Autobiography of Communism’s Greatest Spymaster

Letters Over The Wall: Life in Communist East Germany

The GDR (RLE: German Politics): Moscow’s German Ally (Routledge Library Editions: German Politics)

The GDR (RLE: German Politics): Moscow’s German Ally (Routledge Library Editions: German Politics)

The Stasi Files: East Germany’s Secret Operations Against Britain

The Life of Others – movie trailer

Goodbye Lenin – movie trailer

Charlie Muffin film – complete 

Unser Berlin – DDR Propagandafilm über Ost-Berlin

The incredible microlight flying rescue over the Berlin Wall, 1989 at 2mins 30 secs

Teaching English GDR style 

The Singing Ringing Tree – Scary kids GDR kids programme

Singing, Ringing Tree spoof by The Fast Show