My friend the Bridge of Spies spy Part 2


Burt recounts the surreal experience of learning about Fisher’s true identity from a newspaper headline, the subsequent FBI interrogations, and the emotional courtroom testimony where he struggled to reconcile his friendship with the stark reality of espionage.

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Burt’s journey leads him to Moscow in a failed attempt to reconnect with Fisher, revealing a labyrinthine world of secrets and paranoia. He shares a heartfelt letter he left for Fisher, expressing regret and longing for a simpler time when art, not intrigue, was their common ground.

As a testament to their personal connection, Burt unveils a handcrafted wooden box—a wedding gift made by Fisher himself—symbolizing the genuine human connection that endured despite the shadowy world they navigated.

This episode is a poignant exploration of identity, memory, and the complex human relationships that defy the black-and-white narrative of the Cold War.

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