Serving in a Cold War Danish Reconnaissance Squadron

Denmark joined NATO as a founding member in 1949. However, it originally laid down limitations to NATO membership, effectively excluding the country from full military integration. The conditions were threefold: no non-Danish bases, no nuclear warheads, and no Allied military activity on Danish territory.

Bo Hermansen served in a conscript reconnaissance platoon of the Danish Jutland Dragoon Regiment during the 1980s. His squadron was part of the divisional reconnaissance for the Danish Jutland division which was tasked to move into the north of  West Germany and link up with West German units to stop a Warsaw Pact advance into Jutland.

Bo describes Denmark’s political stance during this period where the election of President Reagan in the US and his policies regarding defence caused some concern in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe. We hear of his unit’s tactics against the Warsaw Pact, the exercises he participated in, the rivalry between units,  and why a Danish tank was painted pink!

It’s a fascinating view into the organisation and tactics of one of the lesser known members of NATO.

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Operation Hurricane – the Danish/West German Defence Plan  (best looked at via google translate) 

Danish Documentary – If the Cold War Turned Hot



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