Keeping the British Army on the road during the Cold War

Aged 16 Chris joined the British Army apprentice school in Arborfield, at Princess Marina College. He was trained as a vehicle mechanic in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers otherwise known as REME.


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We talk about life expectancy in war scenarios, experiences with crash out exercises, and life as a British soldier in West Germany

Chris also served Post-Wall Berlin with the Military Police and describes an interesting “secret” job he was involved in.

The episode was recorded at one of the Hack Green Nuclear Bunker Living History Weekends where Chris is one of the re-enactors. His advice has proved valuable to the other re-enactors as he is someone who was there…

It’s a great down-to-earth account of a sometimes forgotten part of the British Army, without whose support they wouldn’t have been able to operate.

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