In conversation with 7 BRIXMIS veterans – Part 2

Part 2, or a two part recording.

Part 1 is here

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In October of 2022, I was asked by the West Pennines Military Vehicle Trust to moderate a Q&A session with a number of BRIXMIS veterans.

Attending were Drivers Neil Walton, Pete Curran,  Dave Collins, and Kev Smith,  plus Sandy Saxton-Warne (Joint operations & weapons) , Mike Hill (Tour officer), Mike Corcoran (Weapons), and Dave Butler (Senior Non Commissioned Officer, Tourer).

It was an amazing afternoon of reminiscing about their experiences and viewing the amazing collections they had from that time. Don’t miss part 2 which follows next week.

My good friend Colin Dyter was a massive help with the recording, but a quick note that the audio is not up to the usual quality of Cold War Conversations, due to background noise, but I think the events and activities described definitely make it worth listening to.

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