A Hungarian childhood in Cold War Romania


A Hungarian childhood in Cold War Romania

Zsolt Akos Pall was born in a small town in the Hungarian speaking part of Romania. 

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For ordinary people, life in Romania in the 1980s was very hard and it could be even worse if you were a part of the Hungarian Szekler minority since the Communist government persecuted the Hungarian minority. They even made them change their Hungarian names into Romanian. Zsolt’s brother was renamed Istvan to Stefan. However, Zsolt was baptised Zsolt, since there was no Romanian equivalent to it.

Zsolt describes the shortages, his schooling and many other stories of life in Romania during this period.

We end the episode with Zsolt’s plans to escape to Sweden. Don’t miss Part 2!

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I am delighted to welcome Zsolt Akos Pall to our Cold War conversation…

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