Life as a Cold War East German teenager


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Welcome to episode 20  of Cold War Conversations.

Today we’re talking to Anke Holst was born in the GDR during the 1970s in Rostock.

Anke has returned to Rostock after many years abroad and now provides tours of GDR sites in Rostock.

Our conversation highlights how different life was in the provinces of the GDR as opposed to Berlin.

In a wide ranging, frank and honest discussion we talk about her family life with her mother who was a stalwart Party member, Anke’s school class role as “Agitator”, her training in Marxist-Leninism,  and her weapons training  in the Ernst Thälmann Pioneer Organisation in Rostock.


Anke’s Rostock Tours facebook page 


A Visit to Rostock – english language teaching film.

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