Ethel Rosenberg


Ethel Rosenberg is a controversial figure with polarising views varying from an innocent mother caught up in Cold War hysteria to a willing and ruthless accomplice to her husband’s Cold War espionage betraying secrets to the Soviets.

Anne Sebba’s new book “Ethel Rosenberg – A Cold War tragedy” (“An American tragedy” in the US) provides a more nuanced view of Ethel that is not just about innocence and guilt but of a talented singer and mother of two children, betrayed by her family and the American judicial system. Aged 37, in 1953 she becomes the first woman in American history to be executed for a crime other than murder.

Whatever your views about Ethel Rosenberg this episode will highlight more of who Ethel was and how the American judicial system was manipulated to ensure her conviction.

Anne’s book is available on this link.

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I am delighted to welcome Anne Sebba to our Cold War conversation…

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