Commanding a Cold War Royal Navy Polaris Nuclear Missile Submarine


Our conversation with Rob Forsyth continues with his posting as a Lieutenant Commander or second in command to HMS Repulse, a Polaris nuclear missile submarine.

We hear in detail the challenges of command on these boats, their launch procedures and the conversations Rob had with his captain about the circumstances when they might refuse to launch the missiles.

Rob tells of many fascinating incidents including a very close encounter with the Malin Head AGI, a notorious Soviet Spy trawler. 

We also hear about his promotion to “Teacher” or instructor for the Submarine Commanding Officers’ Qualifying Course aka “The Perisher” and his command of HMS Sceptre and nuclear powered “hunter-killer” submarine.

In the last section of our conversations, Rob tells us why his views on the British nuclear deterrent have changed. You can read more here

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I am delighted to welcome Rob Forsyth to our Cold War conversation…

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Polaris missile launch procedure