Sovietisation of Estonia

Michael Zdanowski was born and raised in the UK, but his interest with the Cold War goes back generations.  His grandfather having emigrated from Poland to the United Kingdom during the second world war and was a distinguished member of the RAF in the battle against Germany.  Many of Michael’s relatives remained in Poland during the Cold War, and connections were only re-established following the fall of Communism.

Michael’s interest in the Cold War prompted him to pursue a doctorate focused around the Sovietization of Estonia post-WW2, which he researched over a number of years.  His findings indicated a wholesale imperialistic strategy that centered around language, culture and moving large numbers of Russians into Estonia.  However, his findings also demonstrate a great deal of Estonian resistance to these efforts, with the local population finding ways of celebrating their local culture and heritage through covert means.

It is a story of attempted social engineering that underestimated the desire of a people to be conquered.

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