Taking A Holiday in Cold War Albania

In early 1989 attention being paid to Albania in England by the English media because the England football team had recently travelled to Tirana for a World Cup qualifying game.

Looking for somewhere unusual to holiday Mike Innes went on 10 day tour to Albania. Arriving by air he travelled by coach, staying in the hotels which catered to foreigners and favoured party members.

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Mike provides us with a view of a little known country which although outside the Warsaw Pact adhered to a strict version of Communism and whose Marxist-Leninist government ruled Albania from 1946 to 1992.

We welcome Mike to our Cold War conversation…

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Photos of Albania taken in 1989

ALBANIA 1989 - Set 1 - L's Pictures


ALBANIA 1989 - Set 2 - J's Pictures

Videos of Albania in 1989 showing many places Mike visited (in German, but definitely worth a look)

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