Observing Armageddon – the Cold War Royal Observer Corps in Northern Ireland

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Welcome to Episode 11 of Cold War Conversations.

Today we’re covering a British Cold War civil defence unit called the Royal Observer Corps.

We’re talking to Alistair McCann who has preserved a Royal Observer Corps monitoring post as a museum in Northern Ireland.

We talk about the museum, the difficulties of the Northern Ireland Royal Observer Corps during “The Troubles” and what the reality would have been for these men and women should the Cold War have turned hot.

I hope you find our conversation as interesting as I did.  We welcome Alistair McCann.

Favourite Cold War Film

The Fourth Protocol

Cold War soundtrack

Silent Running Mike and the Mechanics

If you could invite three personalities from the cold war period to have a few drinks with, who would they be and what questions would you ask?

John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev


Attack Warning Red – A history of the Royal Observer Corps

The Royal Observer Corps Underground Monitoring Posts


Threads – trailer for this drama film about a nuclear attack on the UK

The Day After – US TV drama about a nuclear attack on the US

Royal Observer Corps Films

Sound an Alarm – Part 1-6







Protect & Survive – 1970’s UK Public infommercials On Nuclear War Preparation

A public information film about joining the Royal Observer Corps from 1977

The Hole in the Ground

A programme from 1983 featuring the Royal Observer Corps’ Dulwich Post which was situated on the Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Golf Club

Forewarned is Forearmed a Royal Observer Corps film

Cold war Museums

Alistair’s bunker in Northern Ireland

Cosford National Cold War Museum

RAF Museum Hendon

York ROC Group Control Bunker

Dundee ROC Group/Sector Bunker

Barnton Quarry

Other Preserved ROC Posts

Map of ROC Monitoring Posts