A Cold War Mystery – Death In Ice Valley

In 1970  a woman’s badly burnt body was found in the woods near Bergen, Norway alongside a suitcase full of secret codes, wigs and eight fake passports, police were dumbfounded.

Who was she – and why had she been killed?

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Back to today’s episode, Marit Higraff is an investigative reporter for the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, and is the co-presenter of Death in Ice Valley. She tells us why the identity of a badly burnt woman’s body, found in a remote valley, has perplexed Norwegians for nearly half a century.




Death in Ice Valley Podcast

Isdal Woman: The mystery death haunting Norway for 46 years

Death in Ice Valley: New clues in Isdal Woman mystery

The enduring mystery of the Isdal Woman whose burned body was found in the woods with a suitcase of wigs, secret codes and EIGHT fake passports



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