Alexander – A Conscript in the Soviet Navy


Alexander ‘Sasha’ Goncharov was born in Leningrad but early in this life moved to Ukraine.  After leaving school he was drafted into the Soviet Military and was based in Sevastopol where he worked in Naval Aviation servicing anti-ship weapons systems.  At the end of this period, Sasha decided to stay in the military to make it a full-time career.  He was sent to Moscow where he trained as a full-time linguist.  He was posted to Syria and Libya facilitating interactions between local forces and their Soviet advisors.

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So back to today’s episode with special thanks to James for conducting this interview. Alexander left the Russian military as a Lt Colonel and is the Co-Organiser of an Anglo-Russian charity which looks to bring Russians who fought in World War II to the UK to visit.

We welcome Lt Colonel Alexander Goncharov to our Cold War conversation…

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