Cold War Espionage, East Germany and Berlin with Spybrary host Shane Whaley (Part 1)

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Welcome to episode 4 (part 1) of Cold War Conversations. Today we’re talking about Cold War espionage, East Germany and Berlin with shanespybrary-e1510077512760Spybrary podcast host, and Radio GDR podcast founder  Shane Whaley.

Shane runs the Spybrary podcast at Their goal is to encourage people to read new spy novels, revisit an old espionage classic and discuss them with our community of like minded spy fans. It’s great  fun if you like spy books I highly recommend his podcast.

We could have gone on for hours and indeed we did, so I have split this interview into two parts.

Settle in for a wide ranging and hopefully interesting conversation with my good friend Shane Whaley.

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Here are some links to the subjects we talked about

Cambridge Spies

Markus Wolf

Günter Guillaume Stasi Spy

Able Archer NATO exercise

Gaby Gast Stasi Spy

Rainer Rupp Stasi Spy

Erich Honecker

Robert Maxwell Publisher of Erich Honecker’s biography

Radio Berlin International

John Peet and the Democratic German Report

Drone fly around of Ernst Thälmann Statue

Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark – featuring those amazing floodlights

Memorial to the Socialists The final resting place of many of Germany’s most famous communists

Berlin Wall Monument Bernauer Strasse

Stasi Museum ** Please note they do English language tours now contrary to what we say on the podcast**

Stasi Prison Hohenschönhausen