A traumatic childhood journey from Cold War Poland to the United States

In this deeply personal episode, Norbert, vividly recounts his traumatic childhood journey from Cold War Poland to the United States.

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He describes the struggles of his parents amid food shortages and the poignant decision of the family to leave everything behind for an uncertain future in the United States.

We also explore the cultural shock and the struggle to find identity in a new world, as Norbert navigates life as a Polish immigrant in 1980s America. From his first bewildering day at an American school to his father’s relentless work ethic in pursuit of the American dream, we witness the sacrifices and choices that shape an immigrant’s life.

Norbert’s narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the Cold War, where his family’s German heritage in Poland subjected them to suspicion and prejudice. Our episode starts with his Grandfather’s story in World War 2.

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