British Army “stay behinds” the Special OP Troop




I speak with Colin Ferguson a veteran from the British Army‘s covert  Special Observation Post Troop which was founded in 1982.

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The “stay behind” Special OP Troop consisted of selected soldiers in 6 man patrols whose task was to dig in large underground hides known as “mexe” shelters along the inner German border. They would then allow the main Soviet forces to pass over them before deploying to two smaller observation posts (Ops)  where they would engage the enemy with the long-range guns and rockets of the British Army.

Colin, covers in detail, selection, training and deployment as well as how the mexes were constructed.  Do check out Colin’s podcast, “The Unconventional Soldier”  which offers first-hand accounts of past conflicts, military history, book and film reviews, plus guests, dits and digression

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This episode is dedicated to remembering two members of the Special Op Troop. Lance Bombardier Steve Cummins, who is pictured on the episode cover and Gunner Miles Amos who lost their lives in 1989 when their vehicle struck a mine near Londonderry. We thank them for their service.

I am delighted and honoured to welcome Colin Ferguson to our Cold War conversation…

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The present-day Special Op Troop.