Alan – Working in the GDR & The USSR


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Alan Baker worked and studied in the GDR and the USSR from the 1970s through to the end of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the Russian Federation as we know it today.

In Moscow, Alan had the opportunity to live and study in the well-known Moscow State University as well as the opportunity to attend the 54th anniversary of the Russian Revolution Parade in 1971 in Moscow.

In addition Alan was awarded a Peace Scholarship to study in Leipzig at the Karl-Marx-Universität and worked for the Novosti News Agency in London which meant travelling extensively in the USSR visiting Star City and the construction of Trans-Siberian pipeline

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Back to today’s episode, our co-host James interviews Alan as he talks of his experiences in the USSR and the GDR as well as his efforts to promote trade between the UK and the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

We welcome Alan to our Cold War conversation…

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