Dean Reed, the Red Elvis, a US music star behind the Iron Curtain – Episode 2

Ramona Reed continues the story of her father who was Dean Reed an American actor, singer and songwriter, director, and Socialist who became a huge star in Latin America and the Eastern Bloc. The previous episode is available here Listen on Apple PodcastsListen on SpotifyListen on Google Podcasts Now if you like the podcast … Read more

Life as a Soviet Child Refugee in West Germany

  In this episode we continue Andrej’s story with his sometimes, harrowing memories of how he became a child refugee in West Germany. Now if you like what your hearing then for the price of a couple of coffees a month you’ll be helping to cover the show’s increasing costs and keep us on the … Read more

Growing up on a Soviet base in the GDR

  Andrej’s father served with the Soviet Army in Germany.  He grew up on a military base and shares his childhood memories as East Germany began to disintegrate. So would you like one of those Cold War Conversations coasters you keep hearing me talk about? Well it’s easy, just sign up to and for … Read more

A Childhood at the Hungarian Border with Austria

  Balint grew up in Hungary right next to the border with Austria. Part of his family escaped in 1956 and went to Australia. Balint’s  grandfather survived 4 years in a Gulag camp Would you like a CWC Coaster? It’s easy, sign up to Patreon and for the price of a couple of coffees a … Read more

A Cold War UK/GDR Romance

    In 1986 GDR student Antje met a British guy who was installing sewing machines in of the hosiery companies in East Germany. Unusually he was given quite a bit of freedom to socialise locally and he eventually asked Antje to marry him. However, with her prospective husband being a citizen of the capitalist … Read more

67- Janina – Life in an East German village near the Polish border

  Todays episode is different, the interviewer is not me, but one of our listeners who contacted me to help produce content for the podcast. This gave me the idea for a new area of the podcast called “Cold War Contributions” where listeners can send in audio interviews for broadcast on the show. Email me … Read more

00 – A western company doing business in East Germany

(1)When I was 12 years old TEST IAN I was 12 years old in 1956 when the revolution in Hungary took place in September. The Hungarians wanted to be free from Soviet domination. At that time – no television yet – we would listen to the radio for the news. We were hearing of the … Read more

51 – The Blood Tattoo

  Today’s episode is a bonus episode celebrating our 50th episode which came out on 23rd Feb 2019.  I honestly never thought we’d get this far, but it’s thanks to you the listener.  Your feedback and kind comments keep me going and I am delighted we appear to be keeping your interest after almost a … Read more

52- László Nagy – A Hungarian Life

      László Nagy was one of the early members of the Hungarian Democratic Forum in 1987. The HDF became Hungary’s largest political party following first free elections in 1990. In this episode we hear the story of his parent’s life in 1950’s Hungary and László’s early life including how he ended up at … Read more