22 – Talking Trabi

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Welcome to episode 22 of Cold War Conversations.

This episode is a Cold War Conversations first. It’s our first outside broadcast and we’re talking about East German cars with Alex Goffe and Mark Mullarkey of the UK-based Wartburg Trabant IFA Club.

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Now I don’t think Top Gear or Jeremy Clarkson, etc. have anything to worry about, but I hope you enjoy our chat and ride through the Staffordshire countryside in Alex’s Trabi…


How to drive a Trabant

Trabi advert (english subtitles)

Trabi Rally Cross – popular in Hungary

How Trabis are made

Top Gear episode on the Trabant from 1993

Web sites

UK-based Wartburg Trabant IFA Club,

Instruction manual in english for the Trabi 

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Episode 8 – Warsaw Pact Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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Welcome to Episode 8 of Cold War Conversations where we talk about the armoured fighting vehicles of the Warsaw Pact.

Russell Phillips has written several books on Warsaw Pact military equipment and our conversation is an interesting exchange covering  the evolution in design, tactics and the deployment of Warsaw Pact armoured forces should the Cold War have turned hot.

It also covers a slightly off topic conversation about saunas and swimming pools in Soviet submarines and Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

We welcome Russell Phillips


Warsaw Pact Treaty

Warsaw Pact Info

Sino-Soviet Split

Soviet armoured fighting vehicles

Sagger wire guided missile

Bovington Tank Museum

Kubinka Tank Museum

The Norfolk Tank Museum 

Stanislav Petrov

Contentious tank 

Valery Sablin – inspiration for the book/film “Hunt for the Red October”

Letters of last resort

Argentinian plan to attack Gibraltar during the Falklands War

Russell’s web site

Russell on Twitter @Rpbook


Red Storm Rising

Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw Pact
Book 1 of Weapons and Equipment of the Warsaw Pact

Combat Engineering Equipment of the Warsaw Pact
Book 2 of Weapons and Equipment of the Warsaw Pact


US Army educational video documenting the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of two famous Soviet tanks of the Cold War era, the T-64 and T-72.

Modern Russian tank submerging with snorkel – not Cold War but gives you the idea.

Tankfest 2015 featuring Cold War T72 tank  making smoke

The Hunt for the Red October – film trailer

Deutschland 83 series trailer 

Swimming pool inside a Soviet submarine

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes


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